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Parisian Glow Skin

Emphasis on physical appearance is given much especially on the largest organ called face. Looking pretty is a desire of everyone and this desire needs to be satisfied. Parisian Glow is such a miracle which is necessary for the glowing and eye capturing skin. It balances and sustains the Collagen level of skin and keeps it moisture for the whole day. In fact, Parisian Glow is a wondrous cream which sustains the miniaturization of skin and helps in reducing the wrinkles and fine lines from the face and the skin starts to glow and gives a healthy impression to others. Parisian Glow Skin will support your skin for gaining the healthy and eye capturing effect.

Parisian Glow

Your Precious skin & Parisian Glow

Our skin is the most exposed organ which needs to be care of. I don’t care our face it will definitely start to discolor soon. Skin is much sensitive and easily gets affected by the weather changes and different changes in the environment. With the continuous usage of Parisian Glow helps your skin to start gloom again with the better look.

With the passage of time as you get older, the skin loses its elasticity and the level of collagen. We can’t stop this natural phenomenon of growing age but we can help our skin for retaining the nourishment. Parisian Glow is such kind of product which will revive the elasticity of the skin and removes the stubborn and dark fine lines from the skin. By removing the fine lines, crow feet, freckles and wrinkles from the skin it will return you your youth like skin.

Adverse Agent for your Sin & Parisian Glow

As we all know well that the skin is much sensitive which needs to care of it on its regular bases. There are many adverse agents which try to damage the skin quickly. First of all is the pollution which damages the skin. In our daily routine we have to go to different places like; going to school, going to offices or any our business place, then we have to face the air pollution. Air is full of smoke and many other dangerous elements which play havoc to our sensitive skin. Secondly, life is much busy in day to day life. We are so busy for the achievements of our goals that we can’t find time to take care of our skin. Thirdly the damaging rays of the sun also damage the skin. These are some factors which are playing the adverse role against our skin. But now your worry is over regarding your skin because Parisian Glow Skin is there to become the protective shield for your skin against these cruel agents.

Parisian Glow

How Parisian Glow works for Your Skin:

Parisian Glow anti aging cream is the blend of the tropical plants and extracts which provide you even skin tone. As soon as you apply a layer of Parisian Glow on your skin it absorbs in the dermal layer and revives the elasticity of the skin. By absorbing in the skin it removes the dark circles around your skin and fine lines on your forehead, lips and around the eyes. Saggy skin which is the demand of the age can be cured by Parisian Glow.

Notable working of Parisian Glow Skin:

By absorbing in the skin it will start to give you the healthy and effective results on your skin.

  • Elasticity of the skin is revived
  • The vibrancy of the skin is regained by its use.
  • Fine lines and the wrinkles are reduced
  • Uneven skin tone is turned into the even tone.
  • Sustain the color of the skin.
  • Dark circles and the lines around your eyes, lips and on the forehead are removed quickly.
  • Supports the skin tissues and provides the immunity for your skin.
  • Stops the further formulation of wrinkles on the face.
  • A protective layer against the harming rays of the sun.

Is Parisian Glow Skin Really Helpful For your Skin?

With the proper application of the Parisian Glow, two times a day will be more suitable for you. The skin pores which are blocked by any allergy or due to the pollution start to get open. The healthy amount of oxygen is provided to the skin. Skin is regularly dehydrated and balances it moisture for glowing skin by Parisian Glow Skin. The dead skin cells layer is removed and regenerated the healthy skin. The damaged skin cells are also revived to life and in the result of it, the skin starts to glow again. It helps the skin to be like the youthful skin as you have ever desire. The main thing about this Serum is that it is suitable for all skin types. Parisian Glow will uplift the skin and make it tighter than before.

Parisian Glow

Rush Your Order:

Happy to know about your decision of buying Parisian Glow Skin for the extra protection of your skin. For placing your order you will have to provide your Name, contact number, and Complete address so that we may give you the best courier facility.

Price,Terms & Conditions

After placing your order of Parisian Glow Skin you will be shipped a supply of 30 days at the cost of $4.99. All your order will be shipped within 1 business day and the product will be delivered 2-4 days from the shipping day. You will be given the 14 days trial, if you think this is not suitable for you must have to return it or call 888-436-4265 for canceling the supply for the whole month. If you are satisfied with Parisian Glow you will have to do nothing but you will be charged at the cost of $89.92. In addition to all, you will be added in the Parisian Glow Preferred Program.

Feed Back the Permanent User Of Parisian Glow Skin

I was suffering from the saggy skin and a lot of wrinkles started to appear on the face just at the age of 30. This was strange for me and I was not aware how to reduce the appearance of the wrinkles. I applied different method as I was told by different methods but those were not had any effective results on my skin. Then a friend of mine told me about Parisian Glow. This showed me wonderful effects on my skin which make me wonder. I was surprised by it miraculous results. Now I am satisfied because it has removed all worries about my skin. I am heartily thankful and will definitely suggest you Parisian Glow Skin.

Parisian Glow


  1. I thought this was a 30 day trail. In reading it says 14 days. That’s not enough days to determine how effective the product works. There isn’t any literature or directions in package. The writing on the bottles is extremely small. Can’t read even with my bifocals.

  2. THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM!!! I couldn’t process my order without clicking that I would try the eye serum, so I clicked it, not worried about the $4.95 shipping for the additional item. I had a death in the family and was out of town and totally forgot about this envelope on the table. That was, until I saw two charges on my bank account for almost $90-something dollars EACH. The vials are tiny- I don’t care if they are filled with gold, no face or eye cream is worth $90!!! The company completely relies on people not cancelling within the 14 day “Trial Period” so they can bilk them for an unreasonable amount of money.

    1. Totally agree it is a TOTAL SCAM! When you call and tell them you want to return they say they will refuse the return. They won’t even stand behind their own product. DO NOT BUY.

    2. total scam!!! rip off!!! buyer beware!!! got me for ninety dollars:( changed my card before 14 days was complete. I received the product on March 27, 17 and my card was charged on April 4, 17. Not happy at all and was taken by surprise by the billing. Do not buy!! Wish I would have seen these comments first!

  3. I just ordered this thinking it was a 30 day free trial and not that I’d charged 89.00 later. why do you tell people it’s free when it isn’t? how can I be sure it works after using it 14 days? what kind of business are you and will I get a response?

    1. I just cancelled!!! hard time too. WAit was half an hour. NOpacking slip so had to get their phone # off my credit card bill…responder acted like she had nobody at my zip code with my name…I insisted and she looked further…she was not professional and grouchy…how would you feel having people yell at you all day long??? I have cancellation. Number so will watch next months bill. I still can’t see the fine print….

      1. Had the same experience with a similar product Thats how they make the money Don’t think they ever get a second sale!! If it is legit they would sell it at Bed Bath and Beyond or Amazon Can’t find it there!

    2. If I were you I would call them back and cancel right away or you will be billed like $90 per product you “tried”. I found out the hard way.

  4. I wish I would have done my research here first as I also got scammed. I didn’t see anything about a 14 day trial and having to cancel and when I saw the charges taken out the best I could do was get 50% taken off. What a rip off!!!! And that was with the person from Chase Fraud Division on the line. This is totally a rip off as far as I am concerned.

  5. Oh ladies you are so right. Tonight I spoke with Jamey. I told him o wanted to cancel the order. He said o could be there will be s cancellation fee of $19.98.
    This is a Hugh scam. Tomorrow I will contact the state of California dept of consumers affairs
    I did get a cancellation #. Before He hung up on me!!

  6. I tried to cancel right away when she told me the rest of the details! But I had given her my credit card number already and she told me that she had processed the charge already! I can’t believe there’s a cancellation fee of $19.98 and I would have to pay to ship the product back! BIG SCAM!!

  7. Cancrl the product charges through your credit card company. All but the shipping charge was reversed for me. I too thought it was a 30 day trial and only found out when the charges appeared and my credit card company notified me. No information of any kind came with the product about trial period and how to decline recurring charges. Very deceptive!

  8. This is a total scam. I too thought it was a “free trial”. When $174.87 was charged to my credit card I called and told them I had not even received and wanted to return and they told me they would refuse to accept the return. DO NOT SIGN UP for this. It is a ripoff. I’m going to return and see if I can get $$ back from my credit card company. Has anyone been successful with this? I don’t want their product.

  9. I read all the reviews but I want to tell you all that I just cancelled my order and I got a cancellation number along with a email confirming my cancellation. I spoke to a lady named Haley and she was very nice! I even told her I read reviews about people there being mean and I thanked her for being so nice. I didn’t have any wait time on the phone either. You need to call early in the am like I just did. It is 6:30 my time. She offered me a extend of 30 days at 30 percent off and I declined and she was still very nice. Thank you again Haley for being so nice!

  10. This product is terrible and the company is worse. The agent at the call center was rude and condescending. Do not sign up for the free trial as they charge you 14 days after your order is shipped if you don’t return it in 14 days. How is that enough time to decide if the product will work for you??! This free trial is a scam to hook you into a charge that pays for a very poor product! They refused to refund my money but when I said I had contacted my bank to dispute the charge the said they were going to refund the money until I said I was co yachting my bank. How unprofessional is that?? So are they refunding money for some people and not for others??

  11. I agree with all of the above. To talk to them, you would think all of us who feel scammed didn’t know how to read. After one half hour on the phone, I received a 75% discount against the close to $175 they charged on my account. In the future, I will definitely avoid any “free” offers for these not-so-amazing products.

  12. total scam, same stories with me , I called for cancellation they refused, and wouldn t give me the sending address, please does somebody can provide me here the sending address, it was shipped from Orlando FL 32822

  13. I just called to cancel before the 14 day trial expired. Spoke with Ashlynn and she was wonderful. Very professional and kind. She did everything she promised.

  14. I was shocked to see $175 charge on my credit card today. I called the number listed and had no problem canceling my so called “subscription”. I am not in a position to pay $175 for any facial cream product. So much for a free trial.

    1. Be carefull of the “agreement” you click on for your “free trial”! I had noticed a charge of $84.95 that I did not recognize (did not say Perisian Glow). When I called, I was told I had agreed to a free trial, and would be charged the full price after 14 days. I had only used the product twice as I was using the rest of a product I had. This product literally stung when I used it, then burned and left large red marks. When I called I was told it was past my 14 days so I could not return the product or be refunded. The representative was rude, talking over me. After a lengthy conversation, where I repeatedly asked to talk to her supervisor or a different representative, she finally put me on hold and came back to say she could give me a 35% refund and cancel my membership. I’m disappointed in the service, the product is unusable for me.

      1. As soon as I ordered my free trial, I went to the bank and through their suggestion, cancelled my bank card and ordered a new card. I Have received my trial bottles but they will not be able to bill me further for any additional product. New card and new number per banks suggestion.

  15. I did call the company to cancel, as well as my credit card company to dispute the chsrge and block the company. At the very least, they were not clear on the conditions, with no packing slip and multiple company /billing mames, hey make it difficult for customers who are not satisfied. The representative I dI’d talk to became almost instantly defensive, insulting, and difficult.

  16. This company is a total fraud. I am reporting them to the BBB. Bogus charges, misrepresentation and deceit are their trademarks.

  17. I was also scammed by KMD skincare with the “free trial” for Parisian Glow. I am also reporting to the Better Business Bureau.

  18. The company is a total nightmare, and yes the free trial is a scam. Don’t get involved save yourself the headache.

  19. Scam. They took 94.00 out of my bank with out me knowing. This company is a fraud .crappy product. Misleading. I’m spreading the word to as many as I can tell. And farther. I will never try a sample from any company on line ever again. If I don’t get it from a store I just do without. Never again. First timed scammed and last time scammed. You got my 94.00. You won’t get a penny more and if I can stop you from scamming just one poor soul out there I will. Little box funny. Wants ME to check that I’m not scam. Too funny coming from you. Since YOU are the scammer

  20. This TRIAL is a total SCAM. Please do not try!! The advertisement said you will be charged a $5+ shipping but my card was charged $84. Then they sent me another box the following month and my card is charged again!! I don’t know how to cancel this auto-ship because I did not set up an auto-ship!! Can someone help me with a call-back number?

  21. Total Bullshit. Do NOT do this it is a scam. They are a rip off. Customer Service is rude. Sharee was not helpful. Victoria Olsteen should be ashamed that her name is associated with this product. Very sad that I got ripped off. I cancelled immediately after I placed the order but of course they did not note my cancellation. Then before the sample even arrived they charged me $89.92. When I told Sharee (the horrible customer service agent) that I had cancelled and spoke to a woman immediately after all she offered me to get out of this crap was %35 back. I told her I wanted to speak to a supervisor and she pretended to go talk to someone and then offered me %50 back. These people are TOTAL BULLSHIT! I will continue to post on every site I can about this.

  22. They got me too. I’m out over $200. They sneak in an additional magazine scam for $20 a month too. I am determined to get my $$ back even though they are refusing a refund. I’m 4 days past the 30 day return period.

  23. I called to have the subscription canceled within the 14 day trial offer..They offered to extend the 14 days to longer to try it..They offered to give me 35% lifetime discount on it..When I still did not want it, they were very polite and did as I requested..I talked to Codie..She was wonderful with my request.

  24. I wish I would have read all of this first because like you all it happened to me too! Has anyone received a refund? I even tried to call my bank but being its after bank hours I can’t do anything! I thought I could cancel my card because the charged are still pending but can’t do anything until Monday and by that time the charges will go through! The guy I talked to was also creepy sounding breathing heavily on the phone and also told me that a supervisor couldn’t do anything either! Total SCAM!!

  25. My order was received on March 27, 17 and I tried to cancel on April 4, 17, I got a big run around, they said they would refund me 35% of the cost?? I as well requested a supervisor.. he offered 35% as well 🙁 I contacted by bank but the issue was still in pending so the bank told me to call back the next day 🙁 Hopefully something is done!!! Rip Off!! Wish I would have read these comments sooner!!

    1. did you read the terms and conditions ?? if not please read don’t blame the company, everything applied according to the rules ….this is advice to all buyers please please please read terms and conditions carefully and if you agree with the terms then buy any product…Thanks

  26. I was scammed too but i called my credit card company and told themthat it’s not a valid purchase they closed and cancelled my card and sent me a new card and get a refund back ti my account, They took care of it.

  27. Fraud!!!
    Complete lack of ethics or honesty or decency.


    I didn’t, so I was shocked when my credit card was charged $89 and $94 for TWO products. I didn’t order two products, and I’d certainly never pay such an insane price for products that don’t work.

    When my card was charged a second time, I called customer service for an RMA number to authorize return and refund – according to their terms.
    I was told they don’t take their products back or refund the purchase price!

    BUT IT SAYS SO IN YOUR TERMS – so you sure as heck will!

    If the customer is bound by your terms, YOU are bound by them, as well.

    “Sharon” said she could give me a 35% discount and I could keep the products.

    After arguing with her for a couple of minutes – she offered 50% and 75% and I referred to the terms again and again – I got a full refund for both products minus a $9.95 restocking fee. But, she said, don’t return the products. They won’t take them back.

    Then why is there a restocking fee?

    I got a cancellation number, two emails confirming the auto-ship cancellation, and two emails confirming the refunds to my credit card.

    Call 888-436-4265. While you’re waiting for the next available representative, read the terms. They do NOT say they can refuse to refund the purchase price at their discretion, as Sharon told me.

    Be firm. They have cheated you. INSIST they do the fair and right thing and get your entire refund.

  28. Okay here’s what you do. First you tell your bank about the charges and file a dispute against the charge. Second you call the company (you will get a obnoxious sales person who thinks that he knows more about your bank than you do) you tell them your bank stands behind you, you demand a full refund. They will come up with a song and dance and offer you 35% back you tell them no one hundred percent that pretend to go talk to somebody and come back with a 50% offer you tell them you want the hundred percent so keep doing this and you keep telling them no you want a hundred percent then you tell them if you do not get the hundred percent you will go on Facebook and every social media that you have and tell them about your their product and how they are ripping people off trust me within a matter of a couple of days your money will be at 100% refunded that’s what I did

  29. Parisian glow does not work and has the worst return policy in history. Will not take returns even if product has not been opened. Ordered it after reading all the crazy advertising without realizing that it was going to auto ship me a month later charging me $84 on my credit card and then found out it would not take the return. It’s a big scam and it does not work

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