Erectify Ultra – Benefits, Legit or Scam?

– Abdominal on one side only with weight

Erectify Ultra The movement serves to reach the core muscles. Beginners can run it with a 2 kg dumbbell; already the practitioners with advanced level can do the exercise with the aid of a dumbbell of approximately 7 kg.

– Deadlift

The exercise works the muscles of the back, the core, the hindquarters of the thigh and the glutes. The guideline is for beginners to use weights from about 7 kg up to around 10 kg; already the practitioners that have advanced level can execute the earth Erectify Ultra survey with weights superior to the 10 kg approximately.

– Lunge

It triggers the muscles of the leg, buttocks, and quadriceps. It is recommended that the exercise be performed with dumbbells of 4.5 kg up to Erectify Ultra approximately 10 kg by the beginners. In turn, practitioners who already have an advanced level can perform the movement with dumbbells of more than about 10 kg.

– Bridge with one leg only

The movement works the hip and buttock muscles. Erectify Ultra For beginners, the guideline is to perform exercise with body weight; already advanced level practitioners can make the movement with a band on the body.

Attention: Before doing any of these weight training workouts for runners, talk to your physical educator to see if they really are right for you and Erectify Ultra ask them to guide you in regards to the weights you can use and how many sets and repetitions can realize, given the particularities of your body and your level of physical fitness. Read More …

This article is only meant to inform; can never replace the individualized orientation of a professional.

Bodybuilding Workout Care for Runners

Even for the most experienced riders, it’s worth taking some care to make your weight training workout advantageous and not cause problems.

One such care is to check with the Erectify Ultra doctor what level of bodybuilding exercises the body is fit to perform. Another essential point is to have the accompaniment of a physical educator during the training.

The professional is qualified to help set up the training, Erectify Ultra selecting the weights, exercises and the number of sets and repetitions, most indicated for each runner. In addition, it can teach correctly the technique of each exercise, which is important to help avoid injury.

And if an injury occurs, the physical educator Erectify Ultra can provide first aid and assist in the referral to the hospital.

If you still decide to do Erectify Ultra weight training for runners on your own, using videos of tutorials, be very careful, pausing and repeating the videos several times until you understand well what should be done, not to make a wrong move and end up getting hurt.

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